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This is really good. The art style is very slick and the character designs were translated really well. The jokes are pretty good and got a few chuckles out of me. The voice acting is pretty hit or miss, but that comes with most web shows. Overall this is a really good first episode and I genuinely can’t wait to see more. Keep up the great work!

This was really good, despite the sketchy appearance the animation was quite smooth. The background art, use of colours and character designs are all absolutely brilliant. The writing and references are all really cool too. The main issue is that some of the sound effects and sound mixing were all over the place and didn't flow in or fade out, more so a ridged start and stop. The voices fit the characters, but the direction could have had more force behind certain lines.

Overall, this is still a really good animation and I love seeing Sunset Defenders and your work as a whole. Good work.

This was an amazing animation. The way it captured a noir tone and kept everything serious, but was funny due to being about... well... pokémon was kind of brilliant. The animation was so smooth and the composition and use of colour was really good too. One thing I noticed, however was that some motions didn't have enough force, as in there were too many frames, where in some cases a character didn't move fast enough. Other than a few moments the animation was great. This was still one of the best animations I have seen in a long time. Amazing job!

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I love this style for Shantae. Great work!

TotallyNotNathan responds:

Thanks, much appreciated!

This is so great. The colours are so nice and relaxing, capturing a sunset aesthetic amazingly. Gore looks great as well. Great work.

This line art and colour is great. Keep up the great art.

TotallyNotNathan responds:

Thanks, I'll try my best.

I'm an artist and animator. I also love video games, comics and TV... I'm not popular...
Anyway, I hope you enjoy what I do here, but you shouldn't expect a REAL scheduled from me... I'll try to stay as up to date as I can.
Thanks and I hope you enjoy.

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